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September 23th, 2023 Week 22: MLB News and Rankings

WEEK 24: MLB News and Rankings

Greetings from the Grand Slam Wines! As we brace ourselves for an exhilarating week of MLB playoff contenders clashing, we're your trusted source for all things baseball. With the 2023 postseason looming large on the horizon, we're primed to deliver you informative updates, shine a spotlight on standout players, and suggest wine pairings to elevate your playoff-watching experience. Come join us as we dive headfirst into the thrilling world of America's cherished pastime during this playoff-centric week!

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Series of the Week

As we approach the climax of the regular season, the intensity in every MLB matchup is palpable. This week offers a tantalizing lineup of games that promise excitement and playoff implications. Let's dive into the top series of the week:

Twins vs. Reds

  • 3 games, Monday-Wednesday
  • Meaningful for both teams
  • Twins aiming to clinch the AL Central
  • Reds in a competitive NL Wild Card race
  • Keep an eye on Twins rookie Royce Lewis, a standout performer.

Orioles vs. Astros

  • 3 games, Monday-Wednesday
  • Battle between AL's top seed and defending World Series champions
  • Orioles still in contention for AL East crown
  • Astros aiming to secure AL West with competition from Rangers and Mariners
  • Watch for the young Orioles hitter, Heston Kjerstad.

Giants vs. D-backs

  • 2 games, Tuesday-Wednesday
  • Crucial for NL Wild Card picture
  • Head-to-head tiebreaker at stake
  • Both teams still vying for playoff spots
  • Expect standout starting pitching from both sides.

Blue Jays vs. Rays

  • 3 games, Friday-Sunday
  • Key division contests
  • Rays eyeing AL East title and likely ALDS bye
  • Blue Jays competing for an AL Wild Card spot
  • Keep an eye on Rays first baseman Yandy Díaz, a consistent hitter.

With these exciting matchups on the horizon, the race to the postseason promises thrilling baseball action.

Week 25 - Power Rankings

  1. Atlanta Braves (96-54) 
  2. Baltimore Orioles (94-56)
  3. LA Dodgers (91-57)
  4. TB Rays (92-59) 
  5. Houston Astros (84-67)
  6. Seattle Mariners (81-68)
  7. Texas Rangers (82-68)
  8. Toronto Blue Jays (83-67)
  9. Milwaukee Brewers (84-66)
  10. Chicago Cubs (78-72) 

Final Regular Season Power Rankings

  1. Blake Snell, Padres

    • Snell's unique season hasn't hindered his NL Cy Young contention.
    • Recently, he dazzled with seven hitless innings and 10 strikeouts against the Rockies.
  2. Gerrit Cole, Yankees

    • In a tough year for the Yankees, Cole has been their rock.
    • Leading the AL in innings (192) and ERA (2.81), he's in prime Cy Young form.
  3. Kodai Senga, Mets

    • Transitioning from Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball, Senga has excelled.
    • He's a legitimate contender for both the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year honors.
  4. Justin Steele, Cubs

    • Despite a rough outing, Steele has had a great season for the Cubs.
    • Since 2022, only Verlander and Ohtani have surpassed his innings and ERA+.
  5. Sonny Gray, Twins

    • Gray's stellar season is defined by limiting home runs exceptionally well.
    • He's on track to join a select group of pitchers with 180+ innings and few home runs.
  6. Freddy Peralta, Brewers

    • Peralta has been crucial in the Brewers' NL Central push.
    • His second-half stats shine with an impressive strikeout rate and low FIP.
  7. Spencer Strider, Braves

    • Strider's ERA doesn't dazzle, but he leads in strikeouts.
    • He's closing in on the Braves' franchise record and boasts an impressive team record.
  8. Brandon Woodruff, Brewers

    • After a shoulder injury hiatus, Woodruff is back in top form.
    • He's displayed a 2.13 ERA with 56 strikeouts in eight starts since his return.
  9. Luis Castillo, Mariners

    • Castillo's acquisition has paid off for the Mariners.
    • With an 18-9 record and a 3.09 ERA in Seattle, he's been instrumental in their playoff chase.
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