June 22nd, 2023 Week 12: MLB News and Rankings

June 22nd, 2023 Week 12: MLB News and Rankings

WEEK 12: MLB News and Rankings

The 2023 MLB season has nearly reached the midway point, marking another exciting week in the books. With beloved teams and players making impressive strides, this season has been a whirlwind of excitement, fueled further by the reduced pitch clock. Speaking of which, how do you feel about the shortened playtime? Personally, I'm quite fond of it.

As we draw closer to the highly anticipated MLB All-Star break, the excitement only continues to build. Don't miss out - Shop now for an incredible 40% off deal on your favorite All-Star's teams. 

Now, let's look at the best power sluggers around the league this June. 

1. Shohei Ohtani - Angels - Unanimously hailed by our panel, Ohtani stormed back into the Hitter Power Rankings. He dominated June, unleashing a scorching .377/.476/.884 slash line, crushing nine home runs and driving in 20 RBIs. Currently, he reigns atop the MLB leaderboard in homers (24), RBIs (58), total bases (175), and OPS+ (170).

2. Luis Arraez - Marlins - Arraez tenaciously clings to the top spot, relentlessly chasing a .400 batting average. Despite Ohtani's stellar display, Arraez shines with a formidable .398 average and an exceptional 5.2% strikeout rate, surpassing the league norm.

3. Ronald Acuña Jr. - Braves - Acuña strives to surge in power, aiming for a 40-40 season, yet he remains on course for a breathtaking 30-60 campaign, showcasing his explosive blend of speed and strength.

4. Corbin Carroll - D-backs - Carroll emerges as the primary contender for the 40-40 milestone. The favorite for NL Rookie of the Year and an MVP prospect, he wields a potent combination of size, agility, and raw power, poised to launch 35 home runs and swipe 42 bases.

5. Fernando Tatis Jr. - Padres - Tatis makes a triumphant return to the Hitter Power Rankings after overcoming his suspension. June witnesses his explosive resurgence, with a blazing .400/.488/.814 batting line, accompanied by six home runs and seven stolen bases in his initial 18 games.

Week 12 - Power Rankings

  1. TB Rays (52-25)
  2. Atlanta Braves (48-26) 
  3. Texas Rangers (46-28)
  4. Baltimore Orioles (45-28)
  5. Arizona D-Backs (46-30) 
  6. LA Dodgers (41-33)  
  7. Houston Astros (41-34) 
  8. New York Yankees (41-33)
  9. Toronto Blue Jays (41-35)
  10. Minnesota Twins (38-38)

News Around the League

Are the Giants back?
The San Francisco Giants have captured national attention with a remarkable 10-game winning streak, surpassing the Dodgers in the NL West. Amidst this surge, let's acknowledge the standout hitters fueling their success. Mike Yastrzemski and Austin Slater continue to excel, while Thairo Estrada has emerged as a highly underrated middle infielder in the NL. Notably, the Giants' recent triumphs have occurred despite minimal contributions from offseason acquisitions Michael Conforto and the injury-prone Mitch Haniger. One can't help but speculate how formidable the lineup would be if Aaron Judge had joined the team. Nevertheless, the Giants have demonstrated resilience and may not have required as much assistance as initially anticipated. With the trade deadline approaching, this team promises to be an intriguing watch.
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