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July 21th, 2023 Week 16: MLB News and Rankings

WEEK 16: MLB News and Rankings

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Battle for Ohtani

The Los Angeles Angels are facing a crucial decision in the coming weeks as the trade deadline approaches. With Shohei Ohtani set to become a free agent after the season, the team must choose whether to trade him or keep him. While the Angels are still in the wild-card race and pushing for a postseason berth, trading Ohtani might be the smarter move, considering their recent struggles and the risk of losing him in free agency without compensation. Ohtani's unique skill set as an ace pitcher and a formidable batter makes him a highly sought-after player in the trade market. Here are the top five MLB teams best positioned to land Ohtani:

5. Reds - Cincinnati has the potential to swing an Ohtani trade, and they have the necessary pieces in their minor league system to make it happen. The Reds could use his skills to bolster their rotation and offense.

4. Dodgers - While the Dodgers could greatly benefit from Ohtani's talents, a trade to their cross-town rivals might be a challenge due to ownership considerations. However, they have the resources to put together a compelling offer.

3. Rays - Tampa Bay has a history of pursuing big-name players, and Ohtani could be the missing piece to boost their rotation and power-hitting. They have a strong farm system to make a competitive bid.

2. Orioles - Although the Orioles have a long-term plan, the Angels might find a suitable trade partner in them. Baltimore possesses an abundance of high-end infielders and could benefit from an ace pitcher like Ohtani.

1. Rangers - Despite their recent struggles, Texas holds first place in the AL West and has the resources to pursue Ohtani. He could be the perfect fit to bolster their rotation and strengthen their push for a division title.


Ultimately, the decision lies with the Angels' ownership and whether they are willing to trade Ohtani. Regardless, the trade deadline will undoubtedly generate significant interest and excitement across the league.


Week 16 - Power Rankings

  1. Atlanta Braves (61-33) 
  2. TB Rays (60-39) 
  3. Texas Rangers (58-39)
  4. Arizona D-Backs (54-32) 
  5. Baltimore Orioles (58-37)
  6. LA Dodgers (55-40)  
  7. Cincinnati Reds (51-46)
  8. Miami Marlins (53-45)
  9. SF Giants (54-42)
  10. Houston Astros (53-43) 

Top Slingers 

It's interesting to see the Cy Young Award races shaping up for both the American League and National League in the 2023 MLB regular season. Here's a summary of the top contenders in each league:

American League:

  1. Gerrit Cole, Yankees: Cole, a six-time All-Star, is currently the leading vote-getter for the AL Cy Young Award. With a 2.78 ERA and 134 strikeouts in 123 innings, he's been a consistent force and is looking to finally clinch the prestigious award.
  2. Shane McClanahan, Rays: Despite a recent back issue that led to an IL stint, McClanahan is putting up impressive numbers with a 2.56 ERA, narrowly trailing Cole in the Cy Young race.
  3. Framber Valdez, Astros: Valdez's progression has been remarkable, and he's now considered the ace of the Astros' rotation. His 27.4% strikeout rate and improved command have solidified his spot as a top contender.
  4. Nathan Eovaldi, Rangers: Eovaldi has been a vital part of the Rangers' success, boasting a 2.69 ERA through 123 2/3 innings. If he maintains his form, he could become the first Ranger to toss over 200 innings with a sub-3 ERA since Yu Darvish in 2013.
  5. Kevin Gausman, Blue Jays: Gausman is having the best season of his career, posting a 3.03 ERA and recording an impressive 32.6% strikeout rate.

National League:

  1. Zac Gallen, D-backs: The All-Star starter for the NL has been the consensus front-runner for the Cy Young Award. His overall performance, including a 3.14 ERA and top-5 rankings in fWAR, innings pitched, and FIP, puts him in a strong position.
  2. Spencer Strider, Braves: Strider has been incredibly dominant, generating an impressive 38.9% strikeout rate and being on track for a 300-plus strikeout season.
  3. Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers: Kershaw, despite dealing with left shoulder soreness and injuries, continues to pitch at an elite level. If he can return to the mound and maintain his form, he'll be a strong contender.
  4. Blake Snell, Padres: Snell is having a resurgent season and has been one of baseball's best pitchers in recent months. His strong performance has put him in the mix for the Cy Young Award.
  5. Logan Webb, Giants: Webb has emerged as one of the best pitchers in the league with his combination of elite command, top-shelf stuff, and durability.
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